HeinOnline Indexes Recent Content not yet available in the Law Journal Library

Did you know in April of 2010, HeinOnline started expanding the indexing in the Law Journal Library?

Currently, 60% of law journals are updating by issue, 23% are all published, and the remaining 17% have more than a one-volume delay in HeinOnline's Law Journal Library.  HeinOnline now indexs the recent issues of the 230 journals, or the 17%, whose recent content is not currently available in the Law Journal Library.  By indexing this content, it allows you to search and browse the title, author and abstract information for articles within the volumes that are not yet available in full text within HeinOnline.  Our goal is to provide you with a central database to search or browse for both historic as well as the most recent scholarly legal articles.  If we can't provide you the full text within HeinOnline, we will link you directly to the publisher's website.

So, how does it work and where will you feel the impact of the expanded indexing?

The first place you will realize the impact is in your search results.  If you are searching for law review articles that discuss, for example, "international disputes" from the past 3 years, your results will include articles that are available in full-text within the Law Journal Library, as well as articles for which the full text is not currently available in HeinOnline.  For those results in which we do not currently have the full-text available, we will highlight the box with a light red shade and indicate "Full Text Not Currently Available".  If you click on the name of the article from the search result, we will provide you with the publisher's information, including a direct link to the publisher's web site, and indicate the coverage of the title in HeinOnline. (Click on image below to view)

The second benefit of expanded indexing is when you are browsing a specific journal title.  If a journal has a delayed publishing cycle in HeinOnline, we will list the volumes in the title index with an indicator that the full text is not available.  If you click on one of these volumes, we will show you the coverage for that journal title and provide you with a link directly to the publisher's website.

The last place where you will realize the impact is when you are using the citation navigator.  If you insert a citation to an article that is not yet available in full-text in HeinOnline, we will display the publisher's information for that article, just as we do from a search result or when browsing the volume.  From there, you can link directly to the publisher's website.

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