2010 Year in Review with Fun Fact about our Blog

2010 was an exciting year for HeinOnline! We added more than 8.5 million pages of significant legal content to our database, reaching a new milestone of 60 million pages! We introduced a number of new library modules presented in our new legal research platform, an updated look along with a new HeinOnline homepage, and added various new enhancements. Click here to view a recap of everything we accomplished in 2010.

The following are some interesting stats about our blog that we'd like to share with you:
*We now have 2,682 subscribers.
*We had 36,339 pageviews in 2010
*18,978 visitors came from 149 countries/territories
*The busiest day of the year was March 9, 2010. 
*Our most popular blogpost was World Constitutions Illustrated is Now Available in HeinOnline, being viewed  more than 2,400 times.
*The top referring sites were heinonline.org, feedburner, google.com and twitter.com
*Some visitors came searching for: heinonlineheinonline blogtim hoogemost cited supreme court cases, and hein online library.

Thank you to everyone who subscribes to and reads our blog!  Please let us know what you would like to see more of on our blog or any suggestions you may have. We appreciate all 2,682 of our subscribers and encourage you to keep reading!

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