New HeinOnline Homepage is now Live!

We are pleased to announce that our new
 HeinOnline homepage is now live! 

This new homepage will not impact the interface of HeinOnline, it will just present a new and improved look to, with a few changes to where things are located. We've answered a few frequently asked questions below, and we encourage you to check out the new website. Please let us know if you have any feedback or questions.

Where do I log in? 
You can now log in to HeinOnline using the link at top right hand corner from any page where it says "Login" or you can also log in to HeinOnline from the homepage where it says "Log in to HeinOnline"

Where is Title Lookup?
Title Lookup is now at the top of every page on the new website to make it easier for you to search for a title while navigating the site.

Where is the "List of Collections" page?
The List of Collections page is now called "List of Libraries" and can now be found under "Content" in the tool bar. 

Will this impact our proxy set-up?
Some HeinOnline customers currently access HOL through a proxy server or some type of access control device.  If your institution/agency/company falls into this category and your IT staff has the entry for HeinOnline configured as recommended with * you should not experience any problems.  If you are hard coding the HeinOnline IP addresses (not recommended) the address of this new server is  If you are having difficulties accessing HeinOnline or have any concerns/questions please email or  

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