HeinOnline Enhancement: Cross Collection Searching of Books

We have integrated cross-library searching of books to the Legal Classics Library in HeinOnline. Now when searching for a title in Legal Classics, you will get results from History of Bankruptcy: Taxation & Economic Reform in America Part III, Intellectual Property Law Collection, New York Legal Research Library, World Constitutions Illustrated, Scottish Legal History, Selden Society and/or World Trials, provided the results are relevant to your search terms.

The titles found within Legal Classics will be displayed in a light grey box in the search results. The titles found in other collections will be displayed in a dark grey box stating which collection the title is found in. Please note: you must be subscribed to the appropriate libraries to access content found in these search results.

Also, you will always have the option to turn off the cross library searching. Just uncheck "Include results from other HeinOnline Collections" found at the bottom of the search box in Legal Classics.

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