HeinOnline Enhancement: Faceted Searching Technology for Title Lookup!

Faceted Searching Technology has been added to Title Lookup. This means that when you perform a search for a publication title in the "Title Lookup" search bar on the HeinOnline welcome page, your results will be grouped by Collection. This new enhancement will make it easier to interpret and navigate your results.

1 comment:

  1. I tried a faceted search, using the United States Code as my search and the first title retrieved in the lookup list was the United States Code. However, in the Collection/Library box, the first several items displayed were not links to the United States Code. I had to click on the "more" link and scroll down quite a long way until I found the United States Code. I had a similar result when I searched for the Code of Federal Regulations. When I searched for the word Blackstone, I was more successful getting to appropriate titles via the Collection/Library box. If the user does not know to scroll down below the Collection/Library box, they might miss the link to the extensive collections of the United States Code and Code of Federal Regulations.