Full MARC Catalog Records for World Constitutions Illustrated!

1,775 full MARC21 catalog records for only $1,079.00? 
What about $225.00?
It is possible - just by saying "yes"!

HeinOnline has partnered with Cassidy Cataloguing who is offering full-MARC21 catalog records for World Constitutions Illustrated! Cataloging has already begun on these MARC21 records, which follow Provider-Neutral guidelines. Records are being created for the constitutions, books and periodicals, as well as all the websites and other electronic resources in this library,  such as "Country Reports on Human Rights Practices" and "ConstitutionMaking.org." 

The pricing model for this collection will follow a structure based on the level of interest in the set. For example, if 101 libraries say "yes" to having these catalog records, the price for 1,775 records will only be $1,079.00! (That's about $.60 per record!) However, if 600 libraries say "yes" the price drops to only $225.00 per library! Click here to view a detailed pricing schedule

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Click here to view a detailed presentation from Cassidy Cataloguing outlining this service, or visit http://www.cassidycataloguing.com to view the Cassidy Cataloguing website.

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