July 2010 Content Release

Below is a snapshot of the July Content Release, featured in our
  • 24 libraries updated
  • 9 titles added and 175 journals updated in the Law Journal Library
  • More than 100 titles added to World Constitutions Illustrated
  • 6 titles added to the Scottish Legal History: Featuring Publications of the Stair Society
  • 43 titles added to the U.S. Federal Legislative History Library
  • 2 titles added to the Bar Journals Library: Transcript of the South Carolina Bar (1955-1989) and West Virginia State Bar Journal (1975-1984)
  • 15 titles added to Taxation and Economic Reform in America, Parts I and II
  • 12 titles added to History of Bankruptcy, Taxation and Economic Reform in America, Part III
  • 7 titles added to the New York Legal Research Library
  • 60th Annual National Moot Court Competition Added to the National Moot Court Competition Library
  • 19 titles added to the Legal Classics Library
  • 33 titles added to the World Trials Library

Click here for a detailed list of new titles and content updates oclick here to download a CSV file of the new content loaded. 

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