Now Available: Scottish Legal History: Featuring Publications of the Stair Society

We are pleased to introduce a new a-la-carte library, Scottish Legal History: Featuring Publications of the Stair Society.
HeinOnline has partnered with the Stair Society to bring the history of Scots Law to the forefront, providing access in an online searchable format that has never been available before! Founded in 1934, the Stair Society serves to study and advance the knowledge of the history of Scots Law through the publication of original documents, and the reprint and editing of rare and important books. 

The initial release of the Scottish Legal History library in HeinOnline includes the Stair Society Main (Annual) Series consisting of 53 volumes (1936-present), each of which discuss various aspects of Scots Law. The Annual Series can be browsed using a custom chart tool, similar to the chart used for browsing the Seldon Society Annual Publications in HeinOnline's Selden Society Publications & The History of Early English Law Library. 

In addition to the Annual Series, the initial release includes vols. 1-3 of the Stair Society Supplementary Series, as well as books and abridgments about Scots Law and links to scholarly articles from HeinOnline's Law Journal Library that discuss Scots law (You must be subscribed to HeinOnline's Law Journal Library to link to the scholarly articles).

As we do with other libraries in HeinOnline, we will continue to update and add to this library. It will be an ongoing development effort, so please contact us ( if you have suggestions for additional books or materials to be added to help further the study of Scots Law. 

The Scottish Legal History library is available as an a-la-carte library in HeinOnline. Click here to view a detailed brochure about this library, that includes a breakdown of the subscription options available. To subscribe, contact your Sales Representative or email  

For more information about this library, click here.

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