HeinOnline Enhancement: Create Title Alerts

Create Title Alerts Using MyHein & Receive an Email When Title is Updated!

We are excited to introduce a new, highly requested feature this month! When using your MyHein account, you can now create a title alert on any title or multiple titles in HeinOnline.

Every month, we add new content to HeinOnline. With our new title alert feature, we are giving you the option to create email alerts that will email you every time the titles you select have been updated.

To create a title alert, log in to your MyHein Account. Then, browse to a title in HeinOnline and click on Create Email Alert link. 

You will receive an email (at the email address you used to create your MyHein account) every time a title (for which you have created an alert) is updated. If multiple titles have been updated, you will receive a single email that includes all updated titles sorted by HeinOnline library. Each title will display the coverage and a link to the index listing for the title. 

This feature is being released with basic functionality to start. We are however, already planning enhancements for the feature which will be released in the coming months. So rest assured, there's more to come! 

For more information regarding Title Alerts click here.

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