New Law Journal Library Landing Page is Now Live!

Over the past few months, we have been tweaking the new landing page for the Law Journal Library while in BETA mode. We are excited to announce that we are now bringing the new landing page out of BETA! Based on the feedback we received from various users, we have simplified and streamlined the options that are presented to provide you with a simple landing page that contains all the primary options you typically use to access content. We have reduced the number of search boxes from three to one, with all of your options now available in the drop down including publication title (Title Lookup) and citation. You can quickly jump to the standard field or advanced search options by clicking the links displayed below the search box.
When you first link to the Law Journal Library landing page, by default the citation navigator tab is displayed in the sidebar. This allows you to quickly use the standard citation navigator options. The final change we implemented was adding the browsing options to the landing page. The index listing of all the journals is still displayed on the landing page (below the search box), but now you will also see the ability to browse the index listing by title, state, country or subject.
In all, this new landing page allows you to quickly search by article title, publication title, citation, author and more, access an article by inserting the citation, access the field or advanced search options, and quickly access all the browsing options, right from one single page without having to click around to find what you are looking for.
We welcome your feedback at regarding this new landing page.

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