Quickly Access Search, Citation, Title Lookup Options on Law Journal Library Landing Page

Just over a month ago, we distributed a development survey to learn more about how researchers access content in HeinOnline. After reviewing the responses, we learned that a majority of users access content either by inserting a citation or by searching for an article or a publication title. In response to this feedback, we created a new BETA landing page for the Law Journal Library incorporating these primary options. You will now see a link to access the options on the landing page for the Law Journal Library. We invite you to try out this new page and then send us your feedback and let us know if you would like this to become the permanent landing page for the Law Journal Library.

The first option allows you to quickly search for any article by title, author, description or date.  You can also search across the full text, by country or state of publication.  This search option allows you to use more advanced search syntax such as proximity searching.
In the example below we are looking for articles that contain "international water dispute" within ten words of each other.  Below the search form are quick links to access the field or advanced search options or help.

The second option allows you to quickly copy and paste or type a Bluebook citation and jump directly to the cited page.  If you don't know the Bluebook citation, use the "Find BlueBook Citation" option.

The last option is the Title Lookup tool that allows you to search for a publication title.

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