Try Our New Beta Journals Collection Home Page - Quick Access to Search & Citation Options

Recently, we distributed a HeinOnline development survey to obtain more insight as to the ways in which you are using the database.  After reviewing the feedback that we received, we learned that the majority of our users are searching the database or they are accessing articles and documents using a citation.  As a response, we have created a Beta Collection Home page for the Law Journal Library.  This new Beta Collection Home page presents you with a:

  • Quick search option where you can quickly search for an article
  • Simple citation box in which you type the bluebook citation
  • The title lookup tool to quickly search for a publication title
  • Google Scholar search widgets where you can search just HeinOnline titles using the Google Scholar interface, or search all of Google Scholar
 We invite you to test this new Beta Collection Home page for the Law Journal Library and provide us with your feedback.  To access the Beta Collection Home page, click on the Resources tab in the upper left hand corner from within the Law Journal Library, then click on the link in the sidebar that says "Beta Collection Home".  Or, you can follow this link to test out the new page,*

After you have tested the Beta page, we would like to hear your feedback.  You can send us feedback via email at or you can click on the "Feedback" button in the upper right hand corner of HeinOnline.

*To access this Beta Collection Home page, you must be subscribed to HeinOnline's Law Journal Library.

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