User Feedback Helps Shape HeinOnline

If you regularly read the HeinOnline blog or have used any of HeinOnline's support tools in the past, you know that we emphatically encourage all of our users to send us feedback about their experience using HeinOnline. Whether you suggest a new title, ask how something works, or criticize a feature; we read and respond to all of the feedback we receive. The comments and suggestions we receive have a direct impact on the addition of new content, as well as new features and tools.

The feedback buttons are available on the HeinOnline welcome screen under the options heading, or at the very top of the window when viewing pages.

In early December we received a feedback email from Jennifer Duperon, a Legal Information Librarian at the Boston University School of Law. In the email, Jennifer wrote:

I'm a BU librarian and I love Hein Online and use it all the time, but one feature that would make searching Hein much easier--especially for newer users--would be an one-click button from within a publication title to allow me to search just within that title.

For example, our catalog provides links directly to Hein for electronic access to journals. Once researchers are brought to the publication main page, they would have to go through about 4 steps just to search within that publication (click Search tab, choose field or advanced search, select publication title from list, and run search). What would be much better would be a link to "search within this publication" that could bring you to a search page with the publication already selected by default. Then you would just need to enter additional terms.

Jennifer's request made perfect sense to us, and we immediately began implementing her suggestion. In about forty minutes, we had responded to Jennifer with a link for her to test the new searching option.

As Jennifer explained in her email, many library catalogs link directly to the list of volumes for each title in HeinOnline's Law Journal library. Now, thanks to her suggestion, users can search each journal from the volume listing with a single click.
If you think you have an idea for the next great feature in HeinOnline or just a suggestion for a different font, send it our way. We cannot promise that all the suggestions we receive will be implemented like Jennifer's was, but we will guarantee that each feedback email is read and given serious thought before a response is sent.

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