Exploring HeinOnline: Legislative History of P.L. 109-58 Energy Policy Act of 2005

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This legislative history set is made up of 24 volumes and includes the reports, hearings, and debates that led to the passing of Public Law 109-58, The Energy Policy Act of 2005.  This bill was passed by Congress on July 29, 2005 to combat the growing energy problems by changing U.S. energy policies.  The general provisions of the bill would: authorize loan guarantees for innovative technologies that avoid greenhouse gases, seek to increase coal as an energy source, authorize subsidies for alternative energy producers, provide tax breaks for those making energy conservation improvements in their homes, provide incentives to companies drilling for oil in the Gulf of Mexico, exempt gas and oil producers from requirements outlined in the Safe Drinking Water Act, extend daylight savings time, prohibit drilling in or underneath the Great Lakes, set federal reliability standards regulating the electrical grid to prevent another blackout like that of 2003, and much more!

Once you see the title in the title index in this library, you can click on the "more information" icon next to the title to link directly to the Sources of Compiled Legislative History Database.  Why would you want to link to the database?  The database entry for Public Law 109-58 includes links to significant law review articles that discuss the bill, as well as a ScholarCheck link that will allow you to view a list and link to more than 280 law review articles in HeinOnline's Law Journal Library that cite Pub. L. 109-58.

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