Sources of Compiled Legislative History Added to Title Information Links

HeinOnline has made another one of it's useful resources more accessible and easier to use. The database derived from Nancy Johnson's Sources of Compiled Legislative Histories: A Bibliography of Government Documents, Periodical Articles, and Books, and accessible from the U.S. Federal Legislative History Library is a terrific source available in HeinOnline for finding materials related to major U.S. federal laws. Most major U.S. federal laws are included in this database. Each piece of legislation available in the database includes the public law number, Statutes at Large citation, and any relevant books, articles, and Legislative Histories in its entry. Any of the content listed that is available in HeinOnline has been hot-linked for easy access.

To make this content easier to access for our users, we have recently added the relevant database entry to the information links for each of the Legislative History titles in the U.S. Federal Legislative History Library, and the Taxation & Economic Reform in America Library. Now, all you have to do to access this content is click the small 'i' icon located to the left of the listing of titles in these two libraries.

All of the information you would normally see when viewing the database has been included in the link, plus one added feature. We have integrated Hein's ScholarCheck into the information provided on this page. With this link users can easily see the most current list of articles in HeinOnline that have cited that particular public law.
It is our hope that bringing all of these sources together with just a few clicks of the mouse will streamline research projects and reduce time spent navigating to different online sources.

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