Are You Providing Access to HeinOnline For Hundreds of Users? Let Your Users Know by Branding Your HeinOnline Account.

On any given day you may have hundreds of users access your organization's subscription to HeinOnline. Unfortunately, many of those users may not understand that this valuable resource is being made available to them with support and funding from your organization. We realize how important it is for you to communicate this fact to your users, and we have developed a way to do it easily.

What you are seeing below is an example of the new account branding opportunities HeinOnline has recently made available as a free option to all HeinOnline subscribers. This is an example of what a user would see on the Welcome screen in HeinOnline.

(numbers appear in image for demonstration purposes only)

Here is a breakdown of what options are available for Heinonline branding:
  1. Name - Here, the name of the organization, library, school, or firm that is providing the HeinOnline subscription is listed. This may also be hot linked to a website of your choosing.
  2. Organization logo - This is hot linked to the same website as the name of the organization.
  3. Optional Link - This can be used for pointing users to online catalogs, or any other link your users may frequently visit.
  4. Optional Link - Same as the optional link above, but twice as nice.
When user are in the HeinOnline libraries, a small branding message with the name of the organization is added to the top of page. Clicking this message takes the user to a page very similar to the example above.

If you would live to take advantage of these new branding opportunities in HeinOnline, please send a request for information to holsupport(at), or click the feedback button at the top of your HeinOnline page. We must receive approval from the account's administrator before we put the branding material in place. If you do not know who your account administrator is, please specify this in the email. Lastly, We would like to thank the RAND Corporation for working with us to develop these options, and for allowing us to use their branding information for this post.

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