HeinOnline's Federal Register Coverage is Now Updated Daily

The Federal Register in HeinOnline just keeps getting better. Regular users of HeinOnline's Federal Register Library already know that with coverage starting in 1936, HeinOnline has the most comprehensive coverage of the Federal Register available online. Now, HeinOnline's coverage is updated daily with the most current Federal Register content available!

HeinOnline has had Federal Register coverage back to 1936 for several years now, but restrictions in our production process limited how quickly we could get new Federal Register days online. Recently, those production restrictions were eliminated, and starting at the end of July HeinOnline began updating the Federal Register on a daily basis. This means that you are now able to access yesterday’s Federal Register today! This current content is completely browseable, full-text searchable, and image-based, just like all other content in HeinOnline.

All Federal Register content is also accessible via the Citation Navigator. This tool allows users to quickly jump to a page by entering the Federal Register volume and page number they would like to access. Below is a short video showing how this tool is used:

We continue to strive toward making our user’s HeinOnline experience a pleasant and productive one. With expanded coverage of the Federal Register, online educational materials, and enhanced searchability, we believe that we are on the right track. For more posts regarding the Federal Register in HeinOnline, please see the Federal Register section of this blog.

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