HeinOnline in the News: Maclean's Uses HeinOnline in Third Annual Law School Rankings Process

Maclean's, a Canadian weekly news magazine reporting on Canadian issues such as politics, pop culture, and current events, recently released its third annual ranking of Canadian Law Schools. Fifty percent of the overall ranking is determined by faculty quality and the other fifty percent is determined by graduate quality. There are a number of measures taken into account when determining graduate quality, all focusing on the success that each law school has had in producing graduates who go out and land competitive jobs. These measures include elite firm hiring, national reach, Supreme Court clerkships, and faculty hiring.

The other fifity percent of the ranking is determined by faculty quality, which is measured primarily by how many times the law school's professors are cited in legal periodicals. This is where HeinOnline fits in! Maclean's used the HeinOnline Law Journal collection to determine how many times each faculty member was cited in legal periodicals and then related that to the overall size of the school's faculty. For more details about Maclean's Canadian Law Schools ranking, check out the full article at Macleans.ca.

HeinOnline's ScholarCheck features make it easy to determine how many times a legal scholar has been cited. Simply generate a search for the author to get a list of articles written by the author, then from the search results you will see a "Cited by ##" link listed within each article that has been cited by other articles. The number displayed illustrates how many times that that specific article was cited by other articles in HeinOnline's Law Journal collection. A researcher can choose to sort the results by the number of times articles have been cited, thus bringing the most influential articles to the top of their results list!

These are just a few of the features that make up Hein's ScholarCheck tool. For a full recap and demonstration of the full power of Hein's ScholarCheck, please visit our ScholarCheck page on the Heinonline wiki.

HeinOnline contains nearly 1,300 law and law-related periodicals, and has a readership of more than 1,500 subscribing institutions across 180 countries around the world. Is your Canadian Law Journal in HeinOnline? Contact us at marketing@wshein.com to find out how you can add your law journal to HeinOnline to take advantage of it's widespread audience and powerful ScholarCheck tool.

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