HeinOnline's Search Highlighting Expanded

For some time now, users performing a text search in HeinOnline have been able to see their search terms highlighted in the list of results. Recently, we have expanded this feature to include highlighting on most of the fields capable of being searched throughout HeinOnline including title, author, description, citation, etc... The highlighting also works whether you prefer to use our field search, or advanced search options.

This new highlighting ability is especially useful when performing a search for a term OR another term. For example, if I were to perform a field search for the terms "voting rights" OR "suffrage movement" in the titles of documents in HeinOnline's Law Journals Library:

Both of the phrases I searched for will be highlighted in the titles of the documents, right on the page of search results.

The highlighted terms allow you to quickly scan your results list, making it easy to pick out the separate search terms and discern what documents are relevant to your needs.

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