HeinOnline's Tip of the Week: Quickly Find a Page in the Appenix from the Bound Congressional Record between 1937-1953, i.e. 90 Cong. Rec. A2982

Do you have a citation to a page from an appendix section of the bound Congressional Record between 1937 and 1953, such as 90 Cong. Rec. A2982? If so, you’ll like this week’s tip as we focus on the fastest way to pull up a page from an appendix published during this time. Appendix pages published during this time frame, from Vol. 81 (75th Congress, 1st Session) in 1937 to Vol. 99 (83rd Congress, 1st Session) in 1953 are preceded with the letter A. Therefore, if ever you have a citation in which the page is preceded with A, then you’ll want to utilize this tip.

For a full, detailed overview of the Congressional Record and its predecessors, visit the Law Librarians Society of Washington, D.C. website at http://www.llsdc.org/cong-record/.

Let’s look at an example to illustrate how to quickly find the page. For our example, we want to pull up 90 Cong. Rec. A2982. This page includes a speech about cooperatives given by Mr. Jerry Voorhis, a member of the House of Representatives from California in 1944. To quickly locate this page, open the U.S. Congressional Documents library, click on the Search tab and the Advanced Search option.

When we build our search, we can use the "volseries" field indicator to specify the volume that we have from our citation, in this case 90. We can also use the "description" field to identify the section as an Appendix, and lastly, we can run a text search for the page number since every page displays the pagination. Now let’s put this all together. Enter the following search string into the advanced search box:

volseries:90 AND description:appendix AND text:A2982

Now, from the title listing, highlight Cong. Rec. and then click search.

This search will return 1 result with a direct link to page A2982 from volume 90 of the bound Congressional Record. To link directly to the page, you must click on View Matching Text Pages within the result.


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