HeinOnline's Tip of the Week: How to Print a Specific Section or Document Within the Federal Register

Do you have a specific document or section within the Federal Register that you need to print? If so, you’ll find this weeks tip helpful as we illustrate how to use the Table of Contents at the beginning of the Federal Register to identify where a section begins and ends. This will in turn make it easy for you to print the document using our custom page range printing tool.

Each issue or day of the Federal Register begins with a table of contents. The table of contents is organized alphabetically by agency name, including sub-agencies. Within each agency name the documents are organized by classification including rules, proposed rules or notices and each has a page number or range of pages for where the document presides within that days register. Understanding this table of contents is the key to being able to print a section quickly and easily.

Let’s look at an example. We want to find the final regulations within the IRS as presented recently in the Federal Register for the "Disclosure of Return Information to the Bureau of Economic Analysis". We’ve been asked to print off this entire document.

To get started, we will need to generate a search for the document. To do this, open the Federal Register library and open the Field Search option from the Search tab. In the first search box, enter the name of the regulation, Disclosure of Return Information to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, click on the phrase button and select text from the drop down menu. Highlight just the Federal Register from the title listing and insert a date range of 2008-2008 and click search.

This search gives us one result that is a link to 73 Federal Register No. 249 from December 29, 2008. If we click on view matching text pages, we see that our regulation appears on 3 pages within this day of the Federal Register. The first matching page link is to page V, a roman numeral, which indicates to us that this is going to be in the table of contents section within this day of the Federal Register.

Click on this link to view the regulation as it is listed in the table of contents and to view the page range that the regulation appears within, pages 79361-79362.

Now that we know the page range that the regulation begins and ends on, we can pull up the full text and print just that regulation.

On your left menu, click on the Search Results tab if it is not already showing. Now, expand the view matching text pages, and click on the link that says "Turn to page 79361".

Once the page opens, click on the printer icon and choose the page range 79361 to 79362 to print.

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