HeinOnline's Tip of the Week: Add Notes to MyHein Bookmarks

Along with the February release of new content in HeinOnline, we have added a new feature to the MyHein tool. Users can now add notes to individually bookmarked articles and search queries. If you are unfamiliar with MyHein, check out the description of this great tool.

Bookmarks are still made the same way they always have been. Now, when you are reviewing the bookmarks you've created, you will see that each one has a new "Add/Edit Notes" link.

If you have a note you would like to add to a bookmark, click this link. You will be presented with a text box to enter the note into. When done, click the "Enter Note" button.

You'll see that the note has now been added to that particular bookmark.

Many of the enhancements we are adding to HeinOnline start with ideas from you. So let us know how we're doing. Click the feedback link in HeinOnline and tell us what you want to see.

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