36th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade - HeinOnline Research Results

Yesterday was the 36th anniversary of the decision of the famous Supreme Court case "Roe v. Wade"

Lets take a look at this case through some research in HeinOnline using Hein's ScholarCheck, our new social indexing tool.

This case can be retrieved in the U.S. Supreme Court library by citation (410 U.S. 113):

Or by a conducting field search for the title of the case. You will see from the search results, that this case was cited by 15,991 articles from the HeinOnline Law Journal Library:

By simply clicking the "Cited by 15991" link, you will then be brought to the list of these articles from with in the Law Journal collection.

Of the 15,991 articles that cite the Roe v. Wade case, you will see that the article The Id, the Ego, and Equal Protection: Reckoning with Unconscious Racism by Charles R. Lawrence III is the most cited of these 15,991 articles with 1,484 articles that cite his article.

But wait, the hunt for the most relevant law review article pertaining to the Roe v. Wade case continues...

Now lets do a "Title" search in the Law Journal library for the phrase "Roe v. Wade". Here, there are 122 Results

John Hart Ely's The Wages of Crying Wolf: A Comment on Roe v. Wade results as the most cited article containing the phrase "Roe v. Wade" in the title, being cited by 1103 different articles.

Want to see what else John Hart Ely has written? Simply click his name from within the search result and you'll see the 30 other articles he has written within HeinOnline and how many times each was cited, which in total is over 4,400 making John Ely Hart the 14th most cited author in HeinOnline's Law Journal Library.

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