HeinOnline's Tip of the Week: Recap of All Tips & Tricks Grouped by Category

As we approach the end of the year, we thought it would be a good time to recap all of our Tip of the Week posts! Listed below are more than 50 Tip of the Week posts that we have created over the past year. For this weeks tip, we have organized all previous tips and tricks into a single post and grouped them by category. There are 3 general categories which include Searching, Citations, and Linking/Navigation/Printing. The remaining posts are sorted by the HeinOnline collection name, such as the Law Journal Library.


  1. Searching and Using Boolean Operators
  2. Searching by Author Name
  3. Search Within a Specific Article or Section Using "Search Within These Results"
  4. Searching in HeinOnline: How to Get There and What the Options Are
  5. Bookmark Your Search Query
  6. Using the Title Lookup Feature to Find a Title
  7. Using the Quick Search Option
  8. How to Use Proximity Searching
  9. How to Build a Wildcard Search
  10. Target or Narrow Your Search Results Using "Search Within These Results"
  11. How To Use Proximity Searching to Find a Phrase Within 10 Words of Another Phrase or Word

  1. Navigate Quickly Between Cited Material in HeinOnline
  2. I have a citation to an article/document, how do I find it in HeinOnline?

  1. Get a Permanent Link to a Title
  2. Bookmark or Link to a Specific Page
  3. Where are you in HeinOnline?
  4. Finding the Coverage Information for a Title
  5. How do I print a screen in HeinOnline that is not an image-based page?
  6. Shortcut to Printing More than One Document at a Time
  7. How to Print Out a Blog Post

American Law Institute Library:
  1. How to Find and Search Across a Specific Document in the Restatements of the Law

Code of Federal Regulations:
  1. Searching for a Section in the CFR
  2. How and Where to Find the CFR Index and Finding Aids for a Specific Year
  3. Using the List of Sections Affected (LSA) to Determine if a Federal Regulation is Current or to Understand the History
  4. How to Find a Presidential Proclamation or Executive Order

English Reports:
  1. How to Search the Index of Cases in the English Reports to Find a Case

Federal Register:
  1. Quick Link to the Number Index in the Federal Register
  2. Narrow Your Search to a Specific Date and Page in the Federal Register
  3. How to Search Across a Specific Day in the Federal Register

Foreign and International Law Resources Database:
  1. Searching for Country Reports on Human Rights Practices from a Specific Region
  2. How to Search Across Labour Law Documents from a Specific Country

Law Journal Library:
  1. What is an external section type?
  2. Looking for an Article in the Law Journal Library?
  3. Searching for Law Review Articles by Subject, Country or U.S. State

Legal Classics/World Trials:
  1. Search a Specific Volume of a Title in the Legal Classics or World Trials Libraries

Treaties and Agreements Library:
  1. How to Find a Treaty
  2. How to Find a Treaty that was Signed on a Specific Date
  3. How to Search Across a Series of TIAS Agreements in the United States Treaties Set

U.S. Congressional Documents:
  1. Search for a Specific Date, Page Number, and Term in the Congressional Record
  2. Searching for the "History of Bills and Resolutions" int he Congressional Record Daily Index

U.S. Federal Agency Library:
  1. How to Quickly Locate a Case in the FCC Record by Searching Only the Index

U.S. Federal Legislative History Library:
  1. How to Find a Specific Document Within a Compiled Federal Legislative History
  2. How to Search in the Sources of Compiled Legislative Histories Database
  3. Are you looking for the legislative history of a bill?

U.S. Presidential Library:
  1. Searching for a Presidential Proclamation

U.S. Statutes at Large:
  1. How to Find a Public Law Prior to the 57th Congress
  2. How to Search for a Public Law Number in HeinOnline
  3. How to Find & Search Across Vol. 68A - Internal Revenue Code of 1954
  4. Browse by Public Law Number

U.S. Supreme Court Library:
  1. Looking for a case in the U.S. Supreme Court Library?
  2. Are you looking for Supreme Court Cases covering a specific topic?
  3. How to Locate a Slip Opinion by Case Name or Number & Search Within the Opinion

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