Scholarly Approach to Social Indexing: HeinOnline Takes it to the Next Level

How? Sort Law Journal Search Results by the Number of Times an Article is Cited

Last month we introduced HeinOnline's concept of social indexing in the scholarly arena. We got a great response to this enhancement and received a great deal of feedback from our customers. The biggest question was, "Now that we can view the overall impact, can we sort our results by the number of times the articles are cited? We want to be able to see the most cited articles first!"

We are pleased to inform you, that the addition of the "CitedBy" feature has opened even more doors for HeinOnline, and now allows you to do just that! When you build your search in HeinOnline's Law Journal Library, change your "Sort By" method to Number of Times Cited. Then when you submit your search, your results will appear in descending order showing the article with the largest most-cited count first.

Or, if you prefer to sort by relevancy, your search results will now automatically take into account the overall impact of an article in conjunction with the relevancy of your search terms. What does this mean exactly?

The Order of Relevant Search Results Now Reflects the Impact of the Number of Times an Article is Cited

When you run a search for a word or a phrase and sort by relevancy, the search results displayed will be sorted by the overall relevancy of your terms and they will also take into account the total number of times each article is cited. This means that articles with the most relevancy and the most-cited count will appear higher on your search results list. So now, not only can you view articles that match your search terms, but you can also quickly view articles that have had the highest impact on the study of law or terms you are researching! It's a powerful tool to present you with the most relevant and most significant or influential law review articles.

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