HeinOnline's Tip of the Week: How to Search Across a Specific Day in the Federal Register

Are you looking for references to a specific rule, notice, presidential document or regulation from a specific day in the Federal Register? This weeks tip will focus on how to build a quick search that allows you to target your search to a single day within the Federal Register.

Back in February, we posted a tip that explained how to narrow your search to a specific date and page. Click here to read this post. This weeks tip takes a different approach, as it uses another shortcut that will allow you to narrow your search to the specific day using the "coverage" field in the advanced search option.

In building a search, we can use the "coverage" field to narrow our results to a specific day. The coverage field includes the following data for each day of the federal register; the month, day, year, and the page range. When you view a search result from the Federal Register, the "coverage" is the 2nd line that is displayed in each search result. For example, if you look at this search result, the coverage is "Thursday, April 1, 1982, pages 13757 - 14130".

Let’s take a look at an example. On March 4, 1975, The Federal Railroad Administration added a new Appendix D to Part 215 of Section 209 of the Federal Railroad Safety Act of 1970 that reflects a statement of policy by the FRA regarding civil penalties. We want to find this addition as it appeared in the Federal Register on March 4, 1975.

Open the Advanced Search option within the Federal Register library in HeinOnline.

Enter the following syntax:

coverage:"March 4, 1975" AND text:"Federal Railroad Administration" AND text:"Appendix D"

NOTE: When inserting the date into the coverage field, use the format as illustrated in the example, March 4, 1975.

Now, highlight Federal Register from the title listing and click search.

We get one result that is displayed as 40 Federal Register No. 43 from Tuesday, March 4, 1975.
If we click view matching text pages, the second link to page 8592 is a link directly to the page that discusses the addition of Appendix D.

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