Cassidy Marc Records for HeinOnline's Law Journal Library are Finally Here!

Cassidy Cataloguing is now offering full high-quality MARC Records for HeinOnline’s Law Journal Library. All records are emailed for easy loading into your institution’s OPAC or sent via FTP if preferred. Cassidy offers free customer service and no-charge customization (including any necessary proxy information) for any records collection. Complete MARC Records are available from Cassidy and include more than 1,100 journal titles from the following journal collections:

  • American Bar Association Journals
  • Core U.S./Most Cited Law Journals
  • Criminal Justice Journals
  • Intellectual Property Journals
  • Most-Cited Journals
  • International & Non-U.S. Law Journals - Available Soon!
  • Kluwer International Law Journals
"You asked for it, and we heard you!" Cassidy Cataloguing

Cassidy’s MARC21 catalog records feature HeinOnline’s embargo/moving wall information indicating for example if a publication’s coverage has a three-year delay. They also indicate if a title is available through the most recently published volume or the most recently published issue. Lastly, Cassidy’s staff monitors the monthly HeinOnline newsletter and records any changes in coverage so that they can update records accordingly, providing you with the most up-to-date and accurate records possible.

Does your library use Electronic Resource Management (ERM) services with MARC records included? If so, you can send Cassidy Cataloguing an export file (in MARC format) of your ERM-vendor provided MARC records with stable identifiers, and they can be overlaid with full Cassidy MARC21 catalog records while maintaining the ERM-vendor’s ID number and custom URL.

Sample files are available now!
Order now to avoid the Holiday rush!

For more information about Cassidy’s MARC Records for HeinOnline’s Law Journal Library, visit the Cassidy Cataloguing website at For questions regarding these services, please contact Michael or Joni Cassidy at 973-586-3200.

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