HeinOnline's Tip of the Week: I have a citation to an article/document, how do I find it in HeinOnline?

Do you have a citation to an article or a document and want to find it in HeinOnline? HeinOnline has a feature designed specifically for looking up a citation. If you have the citation to a page, using the Citation Navigator tool is the quickest way to pull up the page.

After you log in to HeinOnline, the landing page you will see is what we call the "Welcome Page". This page displays a list of all the libraries that you or your institution is subscribed to. Each library name is a link, allowing you to click on the name and go directly to the contents for that library. Therefore, if you have a citation to a law review article, such as 73 Yale L.J. 733, you would click on the Law Journal Library link. If you have a citation to a federal register page, such as 72 FR 69593, you would click on the Federal Register Library link, and so on.

If you are unsure where to find a specific document, or what documents are included in a library, click here to view a brief description of the contents of each library.

After you have opened the library that contains the contents relevant to your citation, you will see a series of tabs in the upper left hand corner. Included is a tab that says "Citation Navigator". When you click on the Citation Navigator tab, the citation tool will load in the left sidebar. You will then be able to insert a volume number, select the citation for the title name, and insert a page number.

Let’s look at an example. We have the citation, 73 Yale L.J. 733 for the article "The New Property" by Charles A. Reich. Since this is a law review article, open the Law Journal Library and click on the Citation Navigator tab to display the tool in the sidebar. Insert volume number 73 into the first box, then type Yale L.J. into the second box and insert 733 into the last box. NOTE: As you begin to type in the citation to the title, Yale L.J., an auto fill drop down menu will appear allowing you to select the title from a list. Once all information has been input, click "Get Citation". This will take you directly to page 733 of volume 73.

Let’s look at another example. We have a citation to a page in the Federal Register, 72 FR 69593. To quickly access this page, click on the Federal Register Library from the Welcome Page. Then click on the Citation Navigator tab. Choose the volume number and year from the drop down menu, 72 (2007). Then insert the page number into the second box.

In this library, you also have the option to look up a specific date. So if we knew we wanted the Federal Register from January 1, 2007, we would simply choose Dec. from the drop down, followed by the day and year.

In select libraries, you will also have alternate citation navigator options, which may include a one-box citation tool that would allow you to copy and paste a citation into a single box, a non-consecutively paginated citation tool (in the Law Journal Library), a tool dedicated to the Congressional Globe (in the Congressional Documents Library), and other options as applicable to the content of a library.

It is also important to note, that not all libraries in HeinOnline have a citation tool. For example, Legal Classics and World Trials. Therefore, if you plan to return to a specific page within either of these collections, you may bookmark the page using the MyHein tool. Click here to learn more about MyHein.

If you have a citation to a page, the Citation Navigator tool is the fastest and easiest way to pull up the page in HeinOnline. Remember, to access the Citation Navigator, you must open the contents of the library in HeinOnline first before you will see the Citation Navigator tab displayed.


  1. Hi Everyone, I just went through this site for my criminal justice course and I found it very informative (unlike so many others). It was so easy to follow and gave so much information.

    I never e-mail any site but just had to let you guys know and say keep up the great work!


  2. Great site for my criminal justice class research, very easy to follow and understand (unlike so many others). Thanks!