HeinOnline’s Tip of the Week: How to quickly locate a case in the FCC Record by searching only the index

Do you often find yourself searching for a case name in the FCC Record in HeinOnline’s U.S. Federal Agency Library? This week’s tip focuses on how to search across just the Table of Cases in the Index to find the exact page upon which the case resides.

You may ask, "can’t I just run a text search for the case name?" The answer is, yes of course you can! However, if you narrow your search to look across the index, you will be able to target your search results to find the specific page that the case resides on within the volume. Whereas, if you search for the case name across only the text, the results will return all references to the case name throughout the entire text of the volume. This could result in several more hits.

Before we take a look at a specific example, let’s begin by looking at the table of contents for an FCC Record volume, 22 No. 11 F.C.C.R. By looking at the table of contents we are able to determine what search fields we can utilize in our search. You will see from the example below that each section has a description which appears in italics. In this case, the index pages are all tagged with the "Index" description. Directly preceding the description is the "Title" of the section. So, for example, Table of Cases, is the title of the section that lists all the case names in alphabetical order.

Now that we understand the table of contents, let’s take a look at an example to see how quick and efficient searching the index can be.

We want to search for the case regarding Detroit Medical Center and their request to waiver the Commission’s Rules on allowing radio transmitters in 6 area hospitals using the wideband medical paging system at 20 kHz bandwidth. Previously, they were authorized to operate these systems at the 20 kHz bandwidth, but failed to renew the license, and thus are filing for a waiver to the new rules restricting any new wideband systems.

In looking at the table of contents, we know that we can search across just the Index and the Table of Cases section for the case name "Detroit Medical Center". To do this, open the Field Search Option. Enter the description into the first search box, Index, click on word and select description from the drop down menu. Then enter the title, Table of Cases, into the second search box, click on phrase and select Title from the drop down menu. In the last search box, enter the case name "Detroit Medical Center", click on phrase and select text from the drop down menu. From within the title listing, highlight the FCC Record, shown as F.C.C.R. Click search.

This will return 2 results. In the first result, 22 No. 7 F.C.C.R., click on view matching text pages and you will find a direct link to page i. If we click on page i, we will go directly to the page that lists the case name "Detroit Medical Center" in the index.

On the index page the case name will be highlighted and we can easily look to the right to find the page number, in this case, 4564.

Now from the page toolbar above the page, we can select page 4564 from the drop down to quickly access the case.

Backing up for a moment, we saw 2 results when we ran the search. The second result listed, 22 No. 28 F.C.C.R., would have linked us to the cumulative Table of Contents that is published in the last number for the volume series.

HINT: If you are searching for a case name that may have appeared multiple times over a period of years, you can narrow your search by inserting a begin and end date in the YYYY format.

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