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We've been blogging for about 9 months now, and over the course of the past 9 months we have blogged about various topics including searching, printing, using specific collections in HeinOnline, to announcements of new enhancements. We are nearing our 100th post and with that much content, it's easy to miss out on some of our earlier most read posts, especially if you're a new reader of the HeinOnline Blog! Therefore, we thought we would take a moment to recap some of our most read posts, and give you the opportunity to take advantage of these how-to's and tips that so many of our readers have found helpful.

Post #1: HeinOnline’s Tip of the Week: Get a permanent link to a title
For those of you who manage cataloging, reference a title often, or simply want to bookmark a title for use later on, this post outlines how and where to get the permanent link to the title.

Post #2: New search tool for the Index to Periodical Articles Related to Law publication
HeinOnline developed a searchable database for the Index to Periodical Articles Related to Law. The database contains a bibliographic entry for every article that is indexed in the publication. This search tool allows you to search for articles in the index relating to a specific subject or written by a specific author, without having to browse page by page of the Index.

Post #3: HeinOnline's Tip of the Week: Shortcut to printing more than one document at a time
Have you ever found yourself spending too much time going back and forth to the printer? You sit down, find the first article you're looking for, click print and then get up to go retrieve it. You come back, find another article, hit print, get up to go retrieve it, come back and so on. Or, have you ever simply wanted to print 2 or 3 articles at one time? If either of these applies to you, then you may find this shortcut helpful!

Post #4: HeinOnline's Tip of the Week: Searching and Using Boolean Operators
If you often use the Advanced Search option or Quick Search box when searching in HeinOnline, you'll need to understand the basics of Boolean Operators. This post focuses on how to build your search queries in HeinOnline using Boolean Operators.

Post #5: HeinOnline's Tip of the Week: Searching by Author Name
If you often know the author of an article or document and wish to search by the author's name, then you'll want to read up on this post. The post focuses on the various formats that an author's name may appear in and how to structure the name in the search syntax.

To view all of our Tip of the Week posts, click on the Tips and Tricks label on the right hand side of the blog. Or, if you have recently subscribed to a new collection, click on the appropriate label to see the how-to information we have posted about that specific collection.

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