Personal Bookmarking, Search by Subject across the Law Journals, Wiki...all now available in HeinOnline!

You may be wondering, where's the "Tip of the Week"? Don't worry, that post will be coming later this week. I wanted to start off this week by touching on some exciting new enhancements that will be available with today's monthly content release. Later today you will begin seeing the MyHein bookmarking tool, the ability to browse and search by subject, U.S. State, or Country in the Law Journal Library, and the new HeinOnline Wiki. Each of these enhancements are outlined below with links, guides, and videos. Be sure to spread the news about these new enhancements with your students, co-workers, and other HeinOnline users.

The first of these enhancements is the introduction of MyHein, HeinOnline's personal bookmarking tool. If you missed our post on Friday, be sure to check it out to learn how this bookmarking tool will help make your time spent in HeinOnline more efficient. We've also provided a video tutorial as well as a link to the MyHein User's Guide to help you get started.

Browse & Search by Subject, U.S. State or Country in the Law Journal Library
The second of these enhancements is the ability to browse and search by subject, U.S. State, or Country in the Law Journal Library. We went through all 1,100+ journal titles and applied a subject code at the journal title level. Journal titles may be classified into one or multiple subjects. The browse by options have been added to the Resources tab in the Law Journal Library.

You can also search by subject, state, or country using either the Field or Advanced Search options. If you open the Field Search option, you will notice that two new fields have been added to the drop down menu; state and country. These fields allow you to add a State or Country to your search query. When inserting the name of a State or Country, you must insert the full name vs. an abbreviation. When using the Advanced Search option, you would use the field names "state" and "country" in the syntax, such as state: California. To narrow your search to a specific subject, select one or more subjects from the subject listing. This feature works like the Search by Subject in the Legal Classics library.

For more details on this new feature, view the How-To Guide which includes several examples. Or, view the video tutorial to see this new feature in action. Stay tuned for a more detailed post about how to search by subject, state or country.

HeinOnline Wiki
In addition to the above new enhancements, we are excited to unveil HeinOnline's new resource center, the HeinOnline Wiki. The Wiki is our new help center and is a central depository for all of the HeinOnline training materials. This includes all how-to guides, users guides, video tutorials (available in 3 different formats), FAQ's, search examples for specific collections, and much more! Below is a snapshot of the HeinOnline Wiki.

What does this mean for you? When you click on "Help" in HeinOnline, you will now be presented with three different options. You can link to the HeinOnline Wiki, link to the Blog, or go to the YouTube channel.

The Wiki will be an ongoing initiative as we continue to add content and further develop the FAQ's and Collection Specific help pages. The link to the Wiki is We encourage you to post this link on your Library's website, Blog, on your Facebook page, or virtually anywhere you provide helpful resources for your students, co-workers, peers or patrons.

If you have any questions or feedback about these enhancements, or any other HeinOnline features, feel free to contact us at

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