Now You Can Preview Searchable PDF's in HeinOnline

If you are a subscriber to the English Reports library, you can preview searchable PDF's in HeinOnline. So you might ask, how do searchable PDF's work and how are they different from the PDF's we have now in HeinOnline? The PDF's that are currently available for download in HeinOnline are image based PDF pages. This means that if you download an article in PDF format and open it in your PDF reader, you are not able to use the search features within your PDF reader to look for words or terms. By converting content in HeinOnline to the new searchable PDF format, we are adding a layer of text behind the image-based page. This will then allow you to use the search function in your PDF reader to search across the PDF.

We have converted the PDF's in the English Reports library to searchable PDF's so that you can preview the functionality and start getting familiar, if you're not already, with the benefits and advantages of searchable PDF's. Below is a quick video that highlights the benefits of the searchable PDF and how you can use your PDF reader to search across one or multiple PDF documents.

If you are unable to view the video using YouTube, download a version of the video here.

With the May monthly content release, we will also release 5 additional libraries in the searchable PDF format including: European Center for Minority Issues, Foreign & International Law Resources Database, Philip C. Jessup Library, Manual of Patent Examining Procedure (MPEP), and the U.S. Attorney General Opinions Library.

Our goal is to convert all content in HeinOnline to searchable PDF's by the end of 2008. Content will be released on a monthly basis as it is converted.

NOTE: For optimum performance, Adobe Reader 8 is the recommended PDF viewer for HeinOnline, however, we also support version 7. To download the latest version of the Adobe Reader, click here.

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