Title, Volume & Page Counts Now Available from the HeinOnline Home Page!

We are are now displaying the title, volume and page counts for each library in HeinOnline! This information can be found on the HeinOnline home page, under the About Our Content/List of Collections section.

Click on any library to expand the summary information and view the title, volume and page counts.

This information will be updated with each monthly content release. You can also find other useful resources on this page including a list of titles for each library. This list includes the following information and can be downloaded as a CSV file:

- ISSN (when applicable)
- Title
- HeinOnline Coverage (volumes and dates)
- Title Code in HeinOnline
- URL - the URL is a link to the volume contents for the title
- Notes about the coverage of a title (when applicable)

In some cases you may also find a link called "Literature about this Collection" which will open a PDF brochure summarizing the content included in the library.

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