HeinOnline's Tip of the Week: Using the Title Lookup Feature to Find a Title

In recent weeks, we have had a lot of questions concerning the Title Lookup feature. Therefore, we thought we would utilize this week's tip to revisit how to use the Title Lookup, what it is searching for, and how to get the best results.

When using the Title Lookup, it is important to understand that it will only search for a title at the journal, book or volume level. It will not look for the name of a journal article or for the title of a section within a volume.

The Title Lookup feature is a quick entry into the title index in HeinOnline. Generally speaking, the list of titles that is displayed under the Collection Home or Browsing options in each library, are the titles that are searchable using the Title Lookup feature. Here are a few examples of title listings:

Legal Classics Titles
Law Journal Titles
Federal Register Titles

Looking at the Table of Contents of a volume also helps to understand the difference between the title and a section or article title. The title of the journal, book, or volume, always appears at the top of the Table of Contents. In the below example, we've outlined where the title and section titles are displayed in a Table of Contents.

Now, let's look at an example and illustrate how to use the Title Lookup feature. Enter "Administrative Law Review" into the Title Lookup box, using quotations to enclose the title.

The results will return 1 title that is an exact match to the journal title we entered.
NOTE: If you know the full name of the title, enclose it in quotations to narrow your results.

Now, if we were to try searching for an article name from that journal, such as "Judicial Review of Agency Actions in a Period of Diminishing Agency Resources", our query would return no results because we searched for an article title, not the title of a volume or journal.

If you are looking for a broader list of titles, for example a list of titles that may cover Administrative Law in some fashion, you may want to try searching for just "administrative". This will return a list of results that includes titles from a variety of HeinOnline libraries.

Another good example of using one term is when you want to identify if a specific dictionary is available in HeinOnline, assuming that the word "dictionary" is part of the title. Enter the term "dictionary" into the Title Lookup box and click search. This will return a list of dictionaries available in HeinOnline.

To recap, the Title Lookup feature was added to allow you to look for a journal, book or volume title. It will not search for the title of a journal article. If you are looking for a specific journal article, you may find this post helpful, HeinOnline's Tip of the Week: How to Find an Article in the Law Journal Library.

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