"Remember Me" in HeinOnline

Are you accessing HeinOnline from your own office or home computer with a username and password? If so, you may find the "Remember Me" option useful, our most recent addition to the log-in screen. The next time you log in, check the "Remember Me" box and you won't have to log in again on subsequent visits.

There are some conditions that apply to this feature, that we put in place to secure and protect your information. If you do any of the following, we will ask you to log in again:

  • If you click "log out"
  • If you access HeinOnline from a different computer
  • If you access HeinOnline from a different network or IP address
  • If you "clear your cookies" on your computer
  • If you access HeinOnline using a different URL structure. There are two entry pages to HeinOnline, one that begins with the www prefix and one that does not. Therefore, if you access HeinOnline the first time via http://heinonline.org and then access it the next time via http://www.heinonline.org, we will ask you log in again.
If you want to turn off the "Remember Me" option, click on "log out" when you end your next session.

NOTE: We do not recommend using the "Remember Me" option if you are accessing HeinOnline from a public computer.

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