HeinOnline's Tip of the Week: How to Find a Treaty

If you have a treaty number, use the Treaty Metadata Search in the Treaties & Agreements Library in HeinOnline to quickly locate a treaty and a summary of the key treaty information. A Treaty Metadata Search allows you to search for up to 3 terms across a number of specific fields including but not limited to: the Treaty Number, Treaty Description, State Department Number, Senate Treaty Number, Effective Date or In Force Dates. When conducting a search across the treaty metadata, your results will include a link to a summary of the treaty. The summary displays key information about the treaty such as the TIF subject, Parties, Treaties that amend the Treaty and related treaties, to name a few.

Example: From within the Treaties & Agreements Library, click on the Search tab in the top left corner. From the search options in the left menu, click on Treaty Metadata Search.

Now enter TIAS 11260 into the first search box. Select Treaty Number from the drop-down menu and click on Phrase. Then select Treaties in Force or Not in Force from the In Force Selector drop-down menu. Leave the date fields blank and sort by relevance.

This will return one result, which is an exact match to TIAS 11260. The search result displays 2 links. The first is a link to the treaty text in the Treaties and Other International Act Series. The second link entitled "Summary" will display a list of key information about the treaty.

When clicking on the Summary link in this example, we will find the State Department Number, former KAV number, Country involved, TIF Subject, Description, treaty it was amended by, a list of treaties that extended the treaty, and more as seen below. The Treaty Number and KAV Number that amend this treaty are direct links to that material in HeinOnline. The TIAS and KAV Numbers that extended this treaty will link to the Treaty Summaries that are available for each.
This is the quickest way to locate information about a treaty in HeinOnline. Once you locate the Treaty Summary, you can link to the treaty text, to other important treaties that may have amended or extended the treaty, and to other publications that discuss the treaty. Additionally, you may gain references or key words that could be useful in performing further research in other treaty publications in HeinOnline or in different libraries such as the U.S. Statutes at Large or U.S. Congressional Documents.

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