HeinOnline Mobile Interface Now Available for Mobile Devices

Are you part of the mobilized community, accessing emails, the Internet, and doing your research on the go? If so, you'll be please to hear that HeinOnline has released a mobile interface which has optimized HeinOnline for mobile devices, including the new iPhone interface!

When you visit HeinOnline from your mobile electronic device, log in using the Mobile Mode to take advantage of the optimized interface. From the log in screen, Mobile Mode can be checked by clicking on the "Section 508 Compatible/Mobile Mode" option beneath the log in fields, as shown below.

If you are accessing HeinOnline from an iPhone, it should auto-detect your iPhone and automatically select the mobile mode for you. However, to ensure you are in Mobile Mode, we recommend verifying before each log in that this option is selected.

The mobile interface may look a little bit different depending upon the type of mobile device you are using, but the functionality will work the same on all devices. Below is an example of the interface on an iPhone and what you can expect it to look like.
With the optimized interface, access articles in HeinOnline from your PDA, Blackberry, iPhone, or other electronic device. Do your research while waiting for class to start or while waiting for a meeting at the office! No matter where you are, we're putting HeinOnline at your fingertips in an accessible format.


  1. If we have IP authentication for HeinOnline, what does that mean for mobile users?

  2. If you are IP authenticated, go to the Welcome Page that displays the list of libraries you are subscribed to. Under the Options category, there is a link entitled "Mobile Mode". Click on that link and you will switch to the Mobile interface. To return to the normal interface, go back to the Welcome Page and click on "Use non-Mobile compatibility mode".