Manual of Patent Examining Procedure (MPEP)

Due to customer feedback that there was confusion as to where the MPEP resides within HeinOnline, we have made the Manual of Patent Examining Procedure (MPEP) its own collection.

Those customers who are currently subscribed to the "Core" or "Intellectual Property" collections will now see this new collection in the alphabetical list of subscribed libraries. This collection can also be accessed from the following link:

Also, we are still looking for the missing editions and revisions to complete our back file coverage for the MPEP. If you have available any of the following revisions, please contact us by e-mailing

1st1st Revision
1st2nd Revision
1st3rd Revision
1stCompletely Interfiled
3rd1st Revision
3rd2nd Revision
3rd3rd Revision
3rd7th Revision
3rd8th Revision
3rd10th Revision
3rd13th Revision
3rd16th Revision
3rd17th Revision
3rd19th Edition
3rd20th Revision
3rd21st Revision
3rd23rd Revision
3rd25th Revision
3rd26th Revision
3rd27th Revision
3rd37th Revision
3rd38th Revision
3rd44th Revision
3rd45th Revision
3rd46th Revision
3rd47th Revision
3rd49th Revision
3rd50th Revision
3rd51st Revision
3rd54th Revision
3rd55th Revision
4thOriginal ed.
4th1st Revision
4th2nd Revision
4th3rd Revision
4th4th Revision
4th5th Revision
4th6th Revision
4th7th Revision
4th8th Revision
5thOriginal ed.
5th1st Revision
5th2nd Revision
5th3rd Revision
5th4th Revision
5th5th Revision
5th6th Revision
5th7th Revision
5th8th Revision
5th9th Revision
5th14th Revision
5th15th Revision
6thOriginal ed.
7thOriginal ed.

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